Malcolm Turnbull Looks Like an Idiot as Trump Takes Action

Malcolm Turnbull Looks Like an Idiot as Trump Takes Action

Malcolm Turnbull Looks Like an Idiot as Trump Takes Action

Turnball has failed to lead Australia, he packed up any of Australia’s free will and threw it over to Obama/Clinton hoping to ride the coattails of their runaway popularity, clearly he was watching to much CNN and not listening to the Australian people.

The message from Australia is loud and clear, they do not want mass immigration, they do not want policy’s aimed at non-assimilation. Australia wants Australia to be Australian.

Turnbull missed a golden opportunity to lead the country and decided to follow the Obama/Clinton train, that train is now a train wreck, reality has taken over in America and Trump will not back down, simply put Turnbull got it wrong.

Malcolm Turnbull is a yes man, the loyal servant to Obama has taken a political hit today as America’s new President takes Action against the flood of immigration from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalis, Libya, Yemen and Sudan.

Turnbull sold out the Australian people the interests of the Obama/Clinton new world order and he is about to pay the price, his much loved Islamic resettlement deal is dead. meaning that most refugees held in the two centres of Manus Island in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, would have to be sent home.

Mr Turnbull and his Immigration Minister Peter Dutton announced a special Obama resettlement deal with the US in mid-November last year, but both were deliberately vague about the final numbers to eventually be granted resettlement by America, the plan was to literally flood both countries with Islamic refugees.

Don’t look to Bill Shorten for help, he is the intellectual equal of Turnbull, Mr Turnbull called Mr Shorten a weakling on trade while Mr Shorten branded the Prime Minister delusional and accused him of lacking the courage to blame the new US president for a return to protectionism, seriously they are both so out of touch with reality it is maddening.

What Trump stands for is the embrace of ones own culture, a respect for ones own countrymen.

The only political figure in Australia with that type of courage is Pauline Hanson.

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