Malcolm Turnbull Gives $444 Million to an Arts Major to Save Reef

Malcolm Turnbull Gives $444 Million to an Arts Major to Save Reef

Malcolm Turnbull Gives $444 Million to an Arts Major to Save Reef

What a festival stupidity Canberra has become, the Prime Minister has handed of $444m to an Arts Major to save Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Anna Marsden head of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation has absolutely zero experience to qualify her to lead a team on this massive, important project.

Before taking up the role of Managing Director in 2016, Anna was CEO of Queensland Ballet where she led a major change program resulting in enormous growth.

She previously held roles as General Manager – Creative at Rowland, Australia’s leading corporate communications agency, Development Director of the Queensland Art Gallery and GoMA, and General Manager at the Institute of Modern Art. Anna holds board positions with Brisbane Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse and Circa.

By their own admission at least $88m of the budget will be spent running the foundation, and the rest who knows.

What’s worse is that this is not even a project, Malcolm Turnbull seems to have woken up one morning with $444m spare change and just decided to give it to Anna Marsden, how is that even possible, no tender process, no work specification and no planned outcome, nothing.

Bill Shorten says donation underlines the need for a national Integrity Commission, which would be another massive waste of money, the Australian Taxpayers pay enough people in Canberra to look after the country already, there simply is no need to increase the size of government or create another department.

$444m could well have been put to work directly by the government in to a project to save the Reef that had definitive goals, if our politicians are to inept to create such a program why are the in Canberra?

With the cost and size of the Australian Government it is truly astounding that they need to give anything to anyone, they should be able to perform these functions without an additional cost to the taxpayer.

Photo by Bob Linsdell

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