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Majority of Business Leaders Say President Trump Will Win in 2020


More than 67% of North American CFOs (chief financial officers) surveyed by CNBC say President Trump will be re-elected in Y 2020.

About a 25% believe former Vice President Joe Biden will win.

This is the 1st time the CNBC Global CFO Council survey has asked executives about the upcoming elections.

The survey also showed that a majority of the CFOs say trade policy will have a negative impact on their businesses over the next 6 months, and about 50% say their companies have higher input costs as a result of the tariffs placed on imports from China and other nations.

And more than 25% say they have had to increase prices to offset higher costs.

Still, 65% of the CFOs surveyed say the economy will not experience a recession in Y 2020. And a majority of them say the current interest rate levels are “appropriate.”

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