Maintaining Your Weight During the Holidays

Maintaining Your Weight During the Holidays

Maintaining Your Weight During the Holidays

The days are shorter and festive music is filling the air, there can be no doubt that the Holidays are just ahead.

And, of course, the closer we get to the Holidays, the harder it is to stick to our fitness and weight maintenance and loss goals.

As the Organic Turkey Day approaches, here are some tips to be thankful for, before, during and after the turkey, shopping and football comas.

Eat a nutritious breakfast within the 1st hour of arising. A healthy breakfast should include foliate, iron, fiber and vitamins.

Low-fat, high-vitamin and mineral rich dry cereals are also good starts, as are foods such as low–fat yogurt, and whole grain, low-fat waffles. Also be sure to include fruit such as berries for phytochemicals and antioxidants. Orange juice is a great source of folic acid, and do not forget Organic eggs. I like to add applewood smoked bacon.

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of good water daily, that means not from plastic bottles. It will not only help you to feel fuller throughout the day, it will help you to cleanse and detoxify, and avoid the complications of chronic dehydration, which could put a crimp on your holiday style.

It is easy to lose sight of weight loss goals and diet during the holidays if you are on a regimen, so keep a food journal, you will conscious of your eating patterns and when you should stop.

Things get busy during the holiday it gets harder to find time for exercise, but now is no time to slow down. If you do not have time for your usual workout at the gym, get up 15 mins earlier every day to take a jog, bike ride, or a walk.

Do the same after dinner.

And when you go out shopping park far away. It is easier to find a spot, and you can use the walk.

This is Key, 1 of the best ways to keep from over-indulging at holiday parties or dinners is not to arrive hungry

At a party, never hang around the food table. Distract yourself with other things at the party, talk, dance, you can be “merry” by doing other things besides eating and drinking!

Alcohol is out. Consuming alcohol is just extra calories with little nutrition, and when you are a little tipsy, it’s that much harder to avoid the chips and dips, so imbibing a bit less, is a good strategy. If you must drink stick with a glass of red or white wine.

If you cannot resist hors-d’oeuvres set a limit, and each time you take one, put the toothpick in your pocket to let you know how many you have had.

Make an after-dinner-walk part of your holiday tradition. It not only helps to burn some of new the calories, but it also gets you out of the house and away from the food and drinks for a while.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

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