Mainstream Media’s Coverage of Economic Good News, Where is It?

Mainstream Media’s Coverage of Economic Good News, Where is It?

Mainstream Media’s Coverage of Economic Good News, Where is It?


  • GDP is +3%
  • US stock market is at record highs
  • Unemployment is at 4.4%

The Big Q: Why aren’t people celebrating?

The Big A: They would if they knew about it.

Fact: the mainstream media barely acknowledges these impressive economic gains. It is not fake news,  it is non-news.

Network news, cannot resist the not news connected with Russia, or the NFL.

A new study from the Media Research Center shows just how obsessed network news is with the ongoing Russia investigation.

The study looked at every ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscast from the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller on 17 May to 20 June 2o17.

It found a 353 mins of airtime devoted to the Russia probe. Meantime, the networks only spent 47 minutes on climate change, 29 mins on fighting terrorism, 17 mins on repealing and replacing Barack Obamacare and a only 5 (five) mins on the economy and jobs.

On the other hand, for the 3rd week of January 2009, Pew Research found that 57% of Americans said they followed news about the condition of the US economy closely, the highest percentage following any story that closely all year.

So, can glean from that today’s consumers are less interested in economic news? Nope.

Awareness of the economy cannot be raised if there is no news broadcast about it.

A study of network news coverage from 17 May  to 20 June 2017 found that ABC’s World News Tonight was enraptured by the Russia story, devoting 134 mins to the investigation, or 63% of all of its President Trump news during this frame.

The CBS Evening News spewed 124 mins of Russia news or 54% of its President Trump coverage, while NBC Nightly News spent a total of 95 mins talking about the investigation, or 48% of its overall President Trump coverage.

During that frame, the 3 networks devoted only 5 (five) mins to the economy and jobs.

Five mins during an entire month, every American should be outraged!

Fortune magazine writes: “Does President Trump deserve some credit? Yes, of course. Presidents usually get more credit – and blame – for the economy than they deserve. But Trump’s election clearly stirred animal spirits, helping drive the stock market to its record highs. And his campaign to roll back regulation certainly calmed business leaders, whose concerns over rising regulation was reaching fever pitch prior to the election.”

Google “Why doesn’t trump get credit for the recovering economy?” the 1st 10 stories concluded that President Trump should not get any of the credit.

If that is really the case, why did the economy start to expand after Donald Trump was elected President?

President Trump recently told reporters: “We’re setting economic records, and we are very proud of it. We’re unleashing a new era of American prosperity, perhaps like we’ve never seen before. I think the media’s actually going to be forced to cover it pretty soon.”

I find is very disturbing, as do many others that I know, that the President of the United States has to admonish the media and tell it to do it rightful  job and include the economy in their news coverage.

The mainstream media is not telling the story about the way the economy is being perceived by the people in the trenches that make the economy work.

Fully 75% of CNBC’s Global CEO Council poll say President Donald Trump deserves some of the credit for the stock market’s record run in Y 2017; with 17.1% saying he deserves “most of the credit.”

These leaders do not rely on filtered news. They can see how their businesses benefit from a renewed economy.

These are the Americans who are hiring.

These are the Americans who are reinvesting in their business.

These are the Americans fueling our economy.

President Trump has helped create more than 1-M private sector jobs since taking office.

1-M private sector jobs and the networks can only devote 5 mins to the economy and jobs, it is shameful, yes.

The number of employed women rose by 475,000 between February 2017 and March 2017. That’s bigger than almost the entire increase for the 8 years Mr. Barack Hussein Obama was President. That is GGood News!

This is why network news are losing viewers and millions of people are turning to alternative news organizations.

The mainstream media’s intense hatred of President Trump prevents any coverage of positive stories. It is as if they are rooting against the average American looking for hope and a new job.

We here at LTN are in news business world wide 24/7, and we publish the Good News on the US Economy and accomplishment of Prescient Trump daily

Our American readers and the world deserves it.

Stay tuned…

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