Mainstream Media Overall 10X More Critical of President Trump and the GOP

Mainstream Media Overall 10X More Critical of President Trump and the GOP

Mainstream Media Overall 10X More Critical of President Trump and the GOP

The mainstream media (MSM) is now in full liberal activist mode a week before the November midterm Congressional elections, making 10X more negative statements toward Republicans than Democrats, Media Research Center’s Rich Noyes reported.

Mr. Noyes’ MRC study analyzed stories which mentioned the midterm elections on national networks ABC, CBS, NBC evening news from 1 September -26 October, including 60% of instances having come in the past 2 weeks.

MRC found 132 stories that mentioned the midterm elections, 97 of which painted Republicans and President Donald Trump in a negative light.

Democrats were mentioned negatively in those stories only 10X, according to the center’s study.

Much of the negativity is pointed directly at President Trump, as his mentions have trumped that of all of the actual midterm Congressional candidates for the Senate, House, and Gubernatorial races combined.

National network coverage of Republicans rated as 88% negative, while Democrats’ coverage was just 53% negative, per the media center’s report.

If not for Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), Native American claims from a DNA test, Democratic coverage would have been overwhelmingly positive at 67%, according to the MRC’s study.

As for the volume of negativity.

The overall negativity was far less abundant in Y 2014 Congressional midterms when the Republicans were ramping up their Red Wave during former President Barack Hussein Obama’s Administration, Mr. Noyes wrote in his MRC report

During a similar time frame, midterm Congressional election mentions on the national networks in Y 2014 came in about 25% (35) of these Y 2018 midterms (132), according to the MRC report.

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