Mainstream Media Not Happy About the Booming US Economy

Mainstream Media Not Happy About the Booming US Economy

Mainstream Media Not Happy About the Booming US Economy

Friday when the NFPs jobs report came out it should have been cause for celebration. But, if you watched the new from the mainstream media you may have heard, anger, angst and even some crying.

The NFPs number showed an incredibly robust economy, + 223,000 new jobs and well above the 188,000 estimate. The report signaled another drop of the unemployment rate to 3.8% an 18-year record.

That was not the story on CNN and MSNBC.

They questioned the President’s Tweet, saying he had violated rules and protocols because he Tweeted his thought about the report early

Here’s what he Tweeted at 7:21 a.m. Friday: “Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning.”

Innocuous, yes?

Some are saying that Presidents and other officials should never comment on upcoming federal statistics.

President Trump is non-political and iconoclastic, so he Tweeted his thought directly to The People

Since the Tweet, the media has accused him of bank robbery.

This MSM war on President Donald Trump is NutZ and is backfiring.

President Trump’s numbers are trending North, despite a blizzard of negative media and constant reporting about so far nonexistent Russian collusion, XXXXStormy Daniels’ attacks, and an endless barrage of news completely unrelated to the business of our country.

With President Trump’s approval numbers up and Congressional elections looming, we are seeing a significant shift with voters in favor of the GOP.

Polling data for the Generic Congressional Voteshows the Democrats with just a 3-point spread with the GOP, that is down from 13 points from just 6 months ago

Right now The People are giving our President, and Congressional Republicans, increasing credit for this strong economy.

The media’s response has been one of desperation.

Remember, Donald Trump is a successful businessman, and he is all about the bottom line.

He knows voters in swing states will judge him on 2 Key areas. The economy & jobs 1st and 2nd our country’s security.

His track record in these areas in the 1st 500 days is dramatic.

Economists are forecasting Q-2 GDP growth at rates of 4% or higher. The Atlanta Federal Reserve is estimating an incredible 4.8% rate

The Trump Plan is working; voters are seeing and living it.


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