Made in America Week +

Made in America Week +

Made in America Week +

This past week President Trump hosted companies from across our nation at the White House to showcase products Made in America.

In order to celebrate and highlight each State’s effort and commitment to American-made goods, businesses from each of the 50 States displayed products.

Leaders from each company showcased their unique businesses on the South Lawn and on the State Floor of the White House.

Products ranged from sandwiches, to wool blankets, to firetrucks; each business connected by the common thread of American excellence.

Since 1st running for the Oval Office, President Trump has urged industry to Buy America, Hire American.

He showcased his commitment again this week from The White House.

Election integrity matters to every American.

President Reagan declared that the “right to vote is the crown jewel of American liberties.”

By establishing this commission, President Trump is taking action to ensure that the ballot box remains inviolate, and that the crown jewel shines brighter than ever before.

“Every time voter fraud occurs, it cancels out the vote of a lawful citizen and undermines democracy. Can’t let that happen. Any form of illegal or fraudulent voting, whether by non-citizens or the deceased, and any form of voter suppression or intimidation must be stopped,” said President Trump.

At the President’s direction, Vice President Pence will serve as Chairman of this commission and,  with the help of a bipartisan group, Vice President Pence will perform a truly non-partisan service for the American people.

Make America Great Again

President Trump and Vice President Pence sat down for lunch with service members who served in Afghanistan.

The President has heard plenty of ideas from lots of people, but he wanted to sit down and listen to the people on the ground.

“We’ve been there for now close to 17 years, and I want to find out why we’ve been there for 17 years,” said President Trump.

Make America Great Again

Continuing Made In America Week, President Trump welcomed 20 companies that manufacture their products in the United States to join him for a roundtable discussion to highlight the importance of manufacturing products in American factories,with the hands and labor of American workers.

“We’re here today to continue our celebration of American manufacturing as part of Made in America Week. The leaders and innovators around this table create the products that fill our homes, defend our nation, and enrich our lives. And each one of these products proudly carries the label, Made in the USA,” said the President.

You can watch the roundtable discussion by clicking here.


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One year ago, then President-elect Donald J. Trump accepted the nomination to be the Republican candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

And friends, we are Happy that today, President Trump is our voice in Washington.

President Donald Trump is Making America Great Again.
Mr. President, Drain the Swamp!
Have a terrific weekend.
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