Made in America: Refugee Crisis and Radical Islam

Made in America: Refugee Crisis and Radical Islam

Made in America: Refugee Crisis and Radical Islam

The “Islam” that the world is rebelling against was made in the USA.

Regime Change from Bush and Obama created war zones, in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya. America backed the Fundamentalists against “Dictators” in the interest of democracy, at home by supporting groups like the Islamic Brotherhood and CAIR they imported the radical element of Islamic society.

By dragging in their allies America spread the dangers of radical Islam to Europe and Australia.

The solution to the crisis lies not in banning Muslims but in going back to the root cause.

America needs to exit the Middle East and stay out of regional politics, if there is a danger to the western world then send in the bombers. The regions politics are not a concern of the west until they represent a real danger.

As I have said before Sharia Law has as much entitlement in the West as a Strip Club does in Mecca. Democracy is a choice of the people not a demand of foreign governments, the west is not entitled to push their values on others.

As people we must learn to respect and appreciate our differences.

In Australia, America and Europe, Governments protected radicalization with legislation, funded and allowed groups like CAIR and created an environment where Islam is viewed as an all encompassing evil.

I understand that some would respond with the oppression of women and gays, I accept it, I do not agree with those practices, they can not be allowed in our society, but in other sovereign nations it is not my business to approve or disapprove.

It is like saying all Chinese are evil because they are communists, and communism I agree is evil, but in China they have a right to self determination, if they choose communism that is up to them, it is not up to me to change that, it is their sovereign right.

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