Macron is Not a Safe Bet in France

Macron is Not a Safe Bet in France

As the candidates prepare to influence the electorate ahead of the May 7 second round vote, a survey by Harris Interactive released Wednesday, showed that 61 percent of voters thought Le Pen had started the final stretch of campaigning well. According to Bloomberg, some 52 percent thought Macron had done badly in his second round campaigning thus far.

Emmanuel Macron was heckled by workers in front of the Whirlpool plant in his hometown of Amiens. While some whistled and booed, others chanted support of his opponent Marine Le Pen who had visited the strikers shortly before.

Macron, who is seen to represent Globalization and Cultural Marxism, attracts the French elite and Socialist electorate. Just days before the second round of elections on May 7, he is failing to make progress in a desperate last ditch effort to appeal to the working-class voters who are struggling with mass unemployment in part created by Macron when he was the socialist finance minister.

“I am here to speak to you,” Macron tried to tell the crowd as they whistled and booed the former Economy Minister. “Of course there is anger in this country, there is anxiety. Responsibility must be taken, that’s why I’m here.” He did accept that responsibility himself.

“We waited for him to make him understand that we don’t agree with everything he does… We want to make him understand that he is a hypocrite,” Chantalle Flahaut, a Whirlpool factory employee told RT’s Ruptly.

“I am sorry but he is a hypocrite. He is a hypocrite. The government has to stop giving money to the rich. It has to stop. The multinationals don’t bring work, they take it away,” he added.

Macron had a Twitter tantrum after the event posting accusing Le Pen of running a populist based campaign.

“Marine Le Pen spends ten minutes with party members in front of cameras, while I spend an hour and a quarter working with the unions, with no press. Everyone will make choice on May 7th,” he tweeted.

During the ten minutes Le Pen assured the workers she will secure the factory and their jobs, During Macron’s hour and a quarter with Union reps he did nothing, although refreshments were served.

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