Macron Hates the Truth

Macron Hates the Truth

Macron Hates the Truth

Much like his friends Angela Merkel, Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton,  French President Emmanuel Macron is all love, peace and happiness until it comes to the truth, then he has a problem.

Macron amplified this anti–Russian hysteria sweeping mainstream media directly blamed RT and Sputnik as propaganda agents, with of course zero evidence.

This is now the norm in Politics and Western Media, if you are  not a globalist, socialist, cultural marxist then of course you must be under the influence of Putin and be working with “the Russians”.

Macron spewed forth this ridiculous statement in Versailles:

“They didn’t act like the media, like journalists. They behaved like deceitful propaganda,” Macron told the conference. “I have always had an exemplary relationship with foreign journalists, but they have to be real journalists.”

Possibly the dumbest thing those walls have heard since Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” remark.

Despite failing to back up the accusations with any links or accurately attributed quotes, En Marche! squarely blocked RT journalists from Macron’s headquarters during the two rounds of the election, not responding to the accreditation requests from RT and RT France. With their requests “still being processed,” RT’s producers and crew were eventually denied access to the Macron campaign HQ on April 23.  Days before the May 7 run-off, En Marche! spokeswoman Laurence Haim walked away from a question about RT’s accreditation.

There is a temptation to explain away Macron’s media attack as simply the unavoidable recklessness that comes with, for lack of a better word, political immaturity. After all, it is no secret that before entering the highest office in the land, the French leader, much like impetuous US President Donald Trump, had very little political experience under his belt. In fact, one of his most significant professional qualifications – before creating the En Marche! party in April 2016 – was that of an investment banker.

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