Macron 2019: 75% of French Voters Unhappy with His Government

Macron 2019: 75% of French Voters Unhappy with His Government

The vast majority of French voters are unhappy with the way President Emmanuel Macron, 40 anni, and his government are running the country, and are keen to see more measures to boost household incomes, a poll showed Thursday.

A wave of “Yellow Vest” street protests in the past 2 months have rocked Mr. Macron’s Presidency, forcing him into policy concessions including scrapping a planned fuel tax rise to try and defuse anger over a perceived squeeze on family budgets.

Facing the sternest challenge of his 20-month tenure, President Macron has since vowed to press on with other reform pledges like tackling unemployment benefits or overhauling the civil service, even as the protest movement rumbles on.

Just 25% of people surveyed by Odoxa and Dentsu Consulting for franceinfo and the Figaro newspaper said they were satisfied with the French government’s measures and action since Mr. Macron came to power in mid-2017.

The poll of 1,004 people, carried out on 2-3 January revealed that 75% of the French people are unhappy with the government.

Support for the “Yellow Vest” demonstrations have brought disruption and destruction to Paris and other major cities. The demonstrations have faded over the holidays following Mr. Macron’s bid to meet some of the protesters’ demands.

However, 55% of those surveyed said they thought the protests should carry on.

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