Low Millennial Home-ownership Down to High Student Debt

Low Millennial Home-ownership Down to High Student Debt

American home-ownership has been on the decline, and Fed researchers point to the high cost of college as 1 of the Key reasons.

Just 36% of household heads between 24 and 32 years old owned homes in Y 2014, down from 45% in Y 2005. At the same time, average student debt per capita rose to an inflation-adjusted $10,000 from $5,000 inY 2005.

About 20% of the decline in home-ownership among young adults can be attributed to that increase in student loan debt, the Fed authors estimate, making such borrowing an important, but not central, driver of the decline. Some 400,000 more young people would have owned homes in Y 2014 if debt burdens had not risen.

The Big Q: Why does this happen?

The Big A: It is partly because higher student loans early in life leads to lower credit scores later in life, making it harder for former students to take out mortgages.

“This finding has implications well beyond home ownership, as credit scores impact consumers’ access to and cost of nearly all kinds of credit, including auto loans and credit cards,” Fed Board authors Alvaro Mezza, Daniel Ringo, and Kamila Sommer wrote.

“As policy makers evaluate ways to aid student borrowers, they may wish to consider policies that reduce the cost of tuition.”

The Fed released the paper as part of its “Consumer and Community Context” series of articles that analyze financial conditions in under-served and economically vulnerable households and neighborhoods.

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