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Look for the ‘Silver Linings’


Necessity is the mother of invention, so we can expect that there could be some positive outcomes of the coronavirus crisis.

Though they are not likely to come near compensating for the human and economic toll this health crisis is wreaking on the world. But, given the general shortage of optimism now, let’s consider a some encouraging possibilities.

People, communities, businesses, and governments are all learning new ways to connect.

For businesses, the consequences are profound. Many have learned how to operate remotely at a high level and at greater speed.

Business leaders now have a better sense of what can, and cannot, be done outside their companies’ traditional processes.

Many are beginning to appreciate the speed with which their organizations can move once they change how they do things.

The coronavirus is forcing both the pace and scale of workplace innovation, and as businesses are forced to do more with less, many are finding better, simpler, less expensive, and faster ways to operate.

The urgency of addressing COVID-19 coronavirus has led to innovations in biotech, vaccine development, and the regulatory regimes that govern drug development, so that treatments can be approved and tried faster. The result should be more resilient, responsive, and effective healthcare systems.

These silver linings are really thin compared with the scale of the coronavirus disaster.

Encouraging the growth of a next normal that will be better than what it replaced will be a long-term test of all institutions, global and local, public and private. It will be Key to reconstruct for the future and not looking to solve the problems of the past.

A possible next normal is that decisions made during and after the crisis lead to less prosperity, slower growth, widening inequality, bloated government bureaucracies, and rigid borders.

Or it could be that decisions made during this health crisis lead to a blossoming of innovation and productivity, more resilient industries, smarter government at all levels, and the emergence of a connected world.

Neither is inevitable

The outcome is likely to be a mix. The point is that where the world lands is a matter of choice, of countless decisions to be made by individuals, companies, governments, and institutions.

Optimism, Courage, and Consideration are qualities needed more than ever as leaders make the decisions that will shape the next normal.

“Look for the silver lining, Whenever a cloud appears in the blue, Remember somewhere the Sun is shining, And so the right thing to do is make it shine for you.”– Judy Garland

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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