Loneliness is a Significant Problem in the US

Loneliness is a Significant Problem in the US

Loneliness is a significant problem in the United States but is not an epidemic, according to a new study.

The American Enterprise Institute released its “Survey on Community and Society” and found the loneliness epidemic that some have claimed exists in America is overblown.

“Loneliness is a significant problem in America, but it may not be the epidemic that some claim,” the report reads. “Approximately 50% of Americans feel like no one knows them well, and 33% feel lonely at times.

“Yet nearly 75% of people who report feeling lonely say they have people to whom they feel close. One can feel lonely and also have people to rely on in times of need.”

The study concluded being associated with a religious community or interacting with neighbors on a regular basis are factors aligned with being less lonely.

Roughly 33% of Americans said they are lonely some of the time, according to the AEI, and 50% of Americans feel like no one knows them well.

“Prolonged loneliness can be as harmful to one’s health as smoking or obesity, while social interconnectedness can produce significant cognitive and health benefits,” the report reads.

Last year, health service company Cigna claimed 46% of Americans sometimes or always feel alone and that there was “loneliness at epidemic levels” across the nation.

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