London’s Iconic St. John’s Restaurant is Coming to Los Angeles

London’s Iconic St. John’s Restaurant is Coming to Los Angeles

Soon, 1 of London’s most iconic restaurants is coming to Los Angeles, and is landing in a delightfully unexpected place: Culver City. 

St. John, the 25-anni Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver restaurant that has become massively influential in Europe, will open next fall at the Platform development project.

Word of St. John’s arrival started leaking out last week, but the news was confirmed Wednesday.

The move to the West Coast is the 1st of its kind for the restaurant, which hews to a legendary tradition of British and European cooking.

As per Eater London:

St. John characterisation as a British restaurant is correct, if a little reductive. So much of St. John’s success has been in its ability to present French and Italian cooking traditions and customs in a British context. And with that, in some senses, it seems fitting that this singular restaurant — and brand — would head for an American city whose climate, produce, and energy is much more closely aligned to southern Europe than, say, New York, which, by contrast, is closer, culturally, to northern European cities, like London, Paris, or Milan.

Chef Gulliver told Eater London that the group specifically chose Los Angeles because it would be a city that many “would not expect.” There are still few details on the scope of the restaurant, but diners can likely expect not only the same dinner service as ever, but also an extension of St. John’s well-regarded bakery too.

The Platform development has sought out big-name restaurant operators to take over its ground floor space. But with other well-regarded restaurants nearby, including Vespertine, loads of coming office space, and plenty of transit options, the Platform is also among the most well-situated new developments anywhere in greater Los Angeles. Hopefully St. John fits right in.

St. John. 8850 Washington Blvd., Culver City, California

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