London Wants Sadiq Khan Gone

London Wants Sadiq Khan Gone

London Wants Sadiq Khan Gone

As Muslim group ISIS claimed its militants were responsible for killing seven people and injuring 48 in central London on Saturday, the call went out by many to rid London of Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The attack began at 9:58 (8:58 GMT) on Saturday when a white van approaching from the north side of London Bridge veered off the road and mowed down a group of pedestrians. The van was “recently hired” by one of the attackers, police said. While the police did not confirm the exact number of people struck by the vehicle, media outlets citing eyewitnesses gave a figure of between five and six.
Borough Market stabbing rampage

The van then turned right towards Borough Market, where the three assailants abandoned the vehicle and began stabbing people with large knives. A lone British Transport Police officer confronted the attackers while armed only with a baton. The officer sustained stab wounds to his head, face, and leg.

More than 12 people were arrested in London in Sunday’s raids following the attack. Searches at multiple locations are ongoing.

On Monday, police issued a statement saying a “number of people” were arrested at two properties in east London in counterterrorism raids.

In short London is full of Islamic Terrorists, because Sadiq Khan has encouraged that behavior.

Three of Sadiq Khan’s Muslim brothers mowed down pedestrians before continuing the rampage on foot nearby in Borough Market. Armed police shot and killed the attackers within eight minutes.

Seven people were killed and 48 injured in the attack which began at 10pm local time. Shortly after midnight, police officially declared the attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market as “terrorist incidents.”

According to Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London that is just what happens in a big city.

Sadiq Khan continues to to sweep aside the growing threat of Muslims in London, and Londones are tired of it, #sacksadiq was trending on Twitter as local expressed their anger towards a man that has no interest in fighting Islamic Extremists, in fact he call non extremists “Uncle Tom’s”

Multiple groups on Telegram shared images calling for more attacks during Ramadan, with supporters referring to each other and the attackers as wolves.

In the aftermath of the Manchester bombing, IS message boards on Telegram featured propaganda banners that also referenced previous attacks in Brussels and Paris.

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