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Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo Failure Upsets Fans


The Crypto Game known as CryptoZoo was launched by YouTube star Logan Paul in 2021. For which Logan had tried to sell the Crypto off as a game that made you money. Fans had initially invested into the project, having faith in the YouTuber, but were later furious when no game was ever released and the star eventually abondonded the project completely.

Although having fans call the project a scam, Logan Paul claims to have spent over a million US dollars on the project with a whole team behind the development. These claims have left fans baffled by how no game was ever released. Today Paul comes out with an apology to all his fans regarding him leaving the project. The game was very similar to the game CryptoKitties in which you breed cat eggs to find rare cats. CryptoZoo was for all animals.

This is what was left on the discord chat by Logan Paul as his apology, “taking accountability, apologising and coming forward with a plan in the near future”.

One fan had spent $40,000 usd on the CryptoZoo eggs. Stating that he doesn’t wish for a refund, but for the project to be completed.

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