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Living, Healing and Tae Kwon Do


At nearly 40 years old, Laura Di Franco had a lot going for her: she was a wife, a mother of two children and the operator of her own physical therapy practice. But something was keeping her from experiencing happiness. “I was in the middle of a really great life, and fear kept me from happiness,” she writes in her new e-book, Living, Healing & Tae Kwon Do: A Memoir to Inspire Your Inner Warrior (Brave Healer Productions, May 2019)

She writes, “Like many others, I felt better in my comfort zone. Why get risky when you can play it safe? But staying safe was costing me my health and my joy, and that cost became too high. I felt exhausted and unhappy. I followed the rules (as in, every­one else’s), didn’t upset anybody, never spoke up, never said no, and started burning myself out. Somewhere along the line, I lost my voice, and that took a toll on me physically and mentally.”

Di Franco discovered the key to a more joyful life was pursuing activities she was passionate about; chief among them was taking Tae Kwon Do lessons with her then six-year-old son Jonathan. The lessons allowed her to fight her inner demons and get in kick-ass shape.

In an interview, she can talk about:

  • What the martial arts are about
  • How she was able to love Tae Kwon Do despite her first classes causing an abdominal tear, jammed toe, bruised feet and a pulled leg
  • The vulnerability that comes with motherhood and the desperate need to protect children from harm
  • How she managed to overcome her resentment for folding laundry and learn to be more grateful for everything in her life
  • Ways other women can find their own Tae Kwon Do, whatever it may be
Laura Di Franco

Praise for Living, Healing & Tae Kwon Do

“Laura Di Franco has written one of the rare ‘self-help’ books that manages to be inspiring while at the same time human, generous and deeply personal. Di Franco shares her struggles in a way that reflects our own, and at the same time points to the way forward. Tae Kwon Do was her path toward health; she encourages each of us to find our own in this kind and beautifully-written book.”— Linda L. Greider, writer and editor for The Washington Post, Washingtonian magazine and AARP

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn something about yourself as you enter Laura’s world. If you’re struggling with your identity, life, career, kids, marriage — you know, that thing called life — definitely check out Living, Healing, and Tae Kwon Do.”— Master Jeremy Roadruck, 6th Degree, Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu, bestselling author and parenting coach

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