A Little Pain Now Vs A Lot of Pain Later

A Little Pain Now Vs A Lot of Pain Later

A Little Pain Now Vs A Lot of Pain Later


“Face reality as it is not as you wish it to be”, Jack Welch.

It’s difficult to disengage and sack people. It is difficult to do something that you know is going to cause another human being pain. Which is why it is important to make certain it is the last resort, making sure no one is surprised that ties are being severed and/or sacked.

That said, sometimes necessary to disengage and sack people. But a little pain now is better than a lot of pain for a long time into the future.

Yes, it is uncomfortable, because it hurts feelings are going to be hurt, may cause embarrassment and damaged pride.

And they could be faced with a new financial problem.

These factors make it tough to sack or disengage someone or some firm. Because all of these factors are true, it should be and is the difficult choice. But, these factors cannot prevent doing what must be done. Doing so may be unpleasant, but not doing so will be more unpleasant.

The responsibility is to the firm, enterprise or organization is to produce financial results, and the Key officials are responsible for ensuring results, meaning not carry people that do not produce the required result/s.

When that is not done timely, it means the unpleasantness of missing  goals or perhaps even failing the mission, the customers, and/or clients.

It is a duty, not an unhappy chore.

Putting results and their rewards at risk by allowing some people to not produce.

By allowing someone employed or some firm the is engaged that is not producing to remain on the Team, the results of the rest of the Team at risk. As the signal sent is that it is acceptable to not produce.

Further, there is the duty to protect your culture from anything or anyone that would destroy it.

Negative people are perhaps the easiest people to remove from the Team because they are so negative. At the same time, they can also be the most difficult people to sack because you know that you are going to have to deal with denial, nastiness and negativity too.

Jack Welch, the former boss at General Electric (NYSE:GM) used to make the case that allowing an under-performer to stay employed is to do them a terrible disservice. As the under-performer does nothing to prepare for being released. They are often not aware of their poor performance. Then, when business gets tough and hard calls, they are fired without warning, they are completely unprepared.

US President Elect Donald Trump makes firing people look easy.

Of course, he is firing celebrities that are going back to their lives after being removed from a game show.

Donald Trump, has recently made it clear that he is the Boss, on 23 December he mandated that all US State Department Ambassadors appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama have to vacate (sacked) their positions by January 20th, Inauguration Day. That is not calloused, that is being pragmatic.

When leading a Team, there are disappointments and unpleasantness’s. But it is more unpleasant to allow a firm or person to continue in a role in which they have failed or are failing.

I have carried an employee and professional firms for longer than I should have, it is more unpleasant to keep them than it would have been to live through the pain of releasing them.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”– Gandhi

Have a terrific weekend.

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