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Life in the ‘Virtual Travel Lane’

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Travel is a multi-dimensional activity. People travel to the same destinations multiple times, not always physically. They travel to exotic places even before going places in their imagination.

They are really not travelling anywhere outside the confines of homes.

So, when not able to travel physically, people go places through writings, the words that ensure that travel does not end, as people explore the world through imagination and past experiences.

Until the world is healed from the C-19 coronavirus chaos we can travel in the Virtual Lane, here is how:

Virtual Travelling

  • Recreating the magic of the destination through your writing or videos
  • Even if you are not a travel writer or blogger, this is the time to start penning your experiences and reading about travel
  • Spend time planning your itinerary for the time when things come back to normal
  • Participate in online webinars and workshops related to travel and travel destinations
  • Go on a virtual tour to the place that you have always dreamt of waking up in, there are many Virtual Reality 360 degree trips to exotic places
  • Watch Travel videos
  • Read Travel Blogs
  • Go through photo albums
  • Look for travel-related posts on Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Read travel-related articles or travel books
  • Watch travel-related movies

Travel is a great educator, it also teaches tolerance and instils positivity. Travel and the dreams that travel inspires keeps us going today though we travel nowhere.

We know that the world will heal itself and the open road will beckon us to experience new adventures, and that world will welcome us.

So, until then we write about travel and dreaming.

For Virtual travel go to our Travel section and explore.

Enjoy this non-travel travel, stay healthy and Keep the Faith!

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