Leverage the Mind-Body Connection

Leverage the Mind-Body Connection

Leverage the Mind-Body Connection

Those of us who practice mind-body healthy living recognize the interconnection of all things: the mind, the body and the environment.

So, every breath puts one in harmony, or out of harmony, with whatever is going on in and around us.

That said, health is best defined as a state of optimal well-being, wholeness and vitality, not just the absence of disease.

About the mind-body connection, the editors at Chopra.com suggest: “Since the body and mind are inextricably connected, every time you have a thought, you set off a cascade of cellular reactions in your nervous system that influence all the molecules in your body.

Your cells are constantly observing your thoughts and being changed by them … you have amazing potential to heal and transform through thoughts, perceptions, and choices. The body is a magnificent network of intelligence, capable of much more than current medical science can explain.”

The following tips will help you maintain a healthy balance of dialogue between your mind and your body.

When our thoughts and physical nature are in harmony, we are more likely to listen to the body, treat it well and make choices that support its well-being.

To cultivate a personal mind-body connection, each day you can do the following:

  1. Take time to quiet your mind and meditate. Research led by a team from Massachusetts General Hospital found that as little as 8 weeks of meditation induced not only calmness, but also produced positive brain changes. Areas of the brain affected by meditation included those responsible for empathy, memory and stress regulation.
  2. Eat Real food. Eating Organic fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and moderate amounts of grass fed meat is vital to nourishing the body and fueling your mind. Be sure to eat mindfully and chew your food well, say 22X per bite.
  3. Engage in daily exercise and non-exercise movement. Exercise not only benefits the body, but also energizes your mind and promotes emotional well-being. Whatever you choose, be sure your program includes a range of activities such as core training, high-intensity interval training , stretching (yoga) and weight training.
  4. Get good sleep. Getting sufficient, high-quality sleep every night is Key. Most adults need about 8 hours of sleep for proper brain and immune function. And, adequate sleep enables us to better handle stressful situations.
  5. Release toxic emotions. If you make a habit of harboring unprocessed feelings such as anger, disappointment and hurt, you are likely infecting yourself with toxic emotions that drag down your mind and body, you are really a ‘festering bag of sores’  Emotional Freedom Techniques is a great tool to release emotional toxins. EFT has been shown to be especially helpful in soothing anxiety.
  6. Cultivate loving relationships. A strong social support network is vital to mental and physical health. Loneliness has been shown to be more hazardous to ones health than obesity or smoking. If your network of friends is small, consider volunteering your services to a charity or to the Scouts in your community.
  7. Laugh. Laughter could well be the best medicine. Scientific research supports the belief that laughter boosts your immune system and curbs the production of stress hormones. If you have not laughed in a while, the laughing baby in the video below is just what this doctor recommends to lighten your mood.

Have a happy day, and

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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