Legal Medical Marijuana Promises Florida Billions in Revenue

Legal Medical Marijuana Promises Florida Billions in Revenue

Legal Medical Marijuana Promises Florida Billions in Revenue

Tuesday, laws legalizing Medical Marijuana went into effect in Florida, promising enormous sales in the State and a possible alternative to addictive Rx opioids for patients.

Patients seeking Marijuana to treat a variety of conditions can officially get Medical Marijuana legally through participating doctors and dispensaries in the State.

The industry is expected to rival Colorado in sales by 2020, bringing jobs, money and patient relief to the state. Estimates say the Medical Marijuana industry could yield Florida $1.5-B in sales by Y 2020.

Physicians are required to take an 8-hour training course educating them on the potential harms and benefits of issuing Medical Marijuana or giving a referral.

Despite the law officially taking effect Tuesday, Doctors and health officials have up to 6 months to iron out the logistics of distribution.

Officials in Florida have already instituted strict and expensive rules on patients seeking Medical Marijuana that promises a long, rigorous process.

Under the new law patients must have a qualifying condition, previously sought other treatments for the condition and be in treatment with a qualified Doctor for 3 months before Marijuana can be considered.

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