With Legal Marijuana Users, “Bud” is More Popular than Editables

With Legal Marijuana Users, “Bud” is More Popular than Editables

With Legal Marijuana Users, “Bud” is More Popular than Editables

With the loosening of the US Marijuana laws collegians are cheering, but it’s the older folks  who are the average consumers of the newly enhanced “Bud”.

Seattle-based Headset Inc., research firm in the field, reviewed about 40,000 legal Marijuana purchases made in Washington State from September 2014 to July 2016.

The study revealed that the average recreational Marijuana consumer is a 37-year-old man who buys traditional Marijuana buds. The median spend by this customer was $647 annually, with an average of 19.5 days between purchases.

Though 37 anni is the average age of a consumer, millennials make the bulk of such purchases. Just over 50% of Recreational Marijuana (RM) consumers are aged 21-34, Headset found.

Older generations are unlikely to stop at the legal dispensary: Fewer than 10% of the purchases reviewed in this report were made by those older than 60 anni.

Customers in their 20’s spent a median of just $27 per visit to a dispensary but made trips more frequently than others, a median of every 16 days compared to every 18.2 days for those in their 30′ and 20 days for those in their 40’s.

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