Leftist Extremists are Threat to National Security

Leftist Extremists are Threat to National Security

Leftist Extremists are Threat to National Security

The Leftist extremists are the true “threat,” not the “marginal bozos” of universally condemned hate groups, and “Idiot Republicans” are getting sucked into the “ludicrous and ridiculous… charade… to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump,” author David Horowitz said in a TV interview.

“If there’s a serious fascist movement in America, it’s the left,” Mr. Horowitz said Thursday. “They’re the ones who go around to cities picking fights, violence — they want to shut up other people. Even these alt-right clowns were not about shutting up the opposition and suppressing it.

“One fascism in America, it’s coming from the Left – with the support of the Democratic Party I should say. That’s the reality.”

Mr. Horowitz said the narrative of President Trump as supportive of neo-Nazis is “fiction… cooked up by the left to attack Trump.”

“Donald Trump is, unlike our previous President Obama, is very pro-Israel, and he’s the 1st American President that has Jewish family for crying out tears,” Mr. Horowitz said. “This is so ludicrous and ridiculous — and that’s what conservatives and Republicans should be saying.

“This is a charade, but its one purpose is from the time he was elected, the Democrats were going to out to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump, to undermine, to sabotage it, and that hurts all Americans.”

David Horowitz, author of The New York Times best-seller “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America,” wrote the book which predicted the anti-Trump left would use race to divide America and undermine the presidency.

“I call it the fascistic Left — the violence and the aggression is coming from the Left,” Mr. Horowitz said of the Charlottesville, Virginia, counter-protest violence. ” …The Left is really responsible for the violence there – not that anybody mentions it.”

The Left then seized on an opportunity to attempt to discredit the US President.

“What’s going on is this is part of an ongoing war to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump,” Horowitz added. “Nothing Donald Trump does or says — he’s not going to get credit for anything.

“You have a vicious, lying media which will seize on any fragment of his. If he gives out a statement, they’ll look for the one point that they can twist and use to attack him.”

And “Idiot Republicans” have fallen for it, Hook, Line, and Sinker, feeding into the opportunistic, Leftist media frenzy, according to Horowitz.

“One of the reasons they have some credibility is because there are all these idiot Republicans and conservatives who join in,” Mr. Horowitz. “Everybody wants to feel good about themselves: ‘Yeah, I’m anti-Nazi, neo-Nazi, I’m anti-white supremacy.’

“Well who isn’t, except for a bunch of marginal bozos?”

The fact President Trump has to specifically call out hate groups that everyone unilaterally condemns is appalling, he said.

“This hysteria over white supremacy and Nazism: You know we defeated the Nazis 70 years ago?” Horowitz said. “And we ended slavery 150 years ago. There’s no threat from white supremacists or Nazis, neo-Nazis. These are marginal groups.”

The actual racist hate groups are so small they could never be as harmful to the US as the Left’s army.

“Any Leftist group calls a national demonstration they’re going to get 10,000 or 100,000 people – that’s where the threat is,” he concluded.

” …People coming out like it’s been some kind of courage to condemn Nazism and slavery. Takes no courage at all. There’s nobody out there — even these Charlottesville white nationalist guys are not promoting slavery.”

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