Left Wing US Media Polls are “Rigged” aka FAKE

Left Wing US Media Polls are “Rigged” aka FAKE

Left Wing US Media Polls are “Rigged” aka FAKE

The Latest ABC News Presidential Poll Oversampled Democrats by 9%

The latest ABC News poll has Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 12 points, Bunk.

What the US left wing media is not broadcasting to the American voter is that 9% more Democrats than Republicans were sampled in that poll.

“Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.5 points, including the design effect. Partisan divisions are 36-27-31%, Democrats-Republicans-Independents.”

GOP primary turnout was up 62% this year while Democrat primary turnout was down 21% this year.

Playing with polls is a common Democrat-media propaganda tactic, one that cannot and is not believed by those of us who know the FAKE methodology.

Below are the 3 Daily Tracking Polls that have been almost perfectly in sync almost every day. IBD/TIPP was most accurate in Y 2012:

IBD/TIPP Daily Tracking Poll
Sunday, 23 October
Donald Trump 43%
Hillary Clinton 41%

LA Times Daily Tracking Poll…
Sunday, 23 October
Donald Trump 44.4%
Hillary Clinton 44.1%

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll
Friday, 21 October
Donald Trump 42%
Hillary Clinton 40%

By Jim Hoft

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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