The Left Wing Pu$$y Posse Pounces on Wrong Perp!

The Left Wing Pu$$y Posse Pounces on Wrong Perp!

The Left Wing Pu$$y Posse Pounces on Wrong Perp!

Are some pu$$ies more equal than others?

Rampant media foofaraw notwithstanding, Donald J. Trump, as it turns out,  is not the leader of the Pu$$y Posse, because it is Barack Hussein Obama who holds that dubious honor.

Donald Trump does not own the term “pu$$y”,  and in fact when he was unknowingly recorded saying it 11 years ago, it was intended only for Billy Bush’s ears.

Obama, on the other hand, openly bragged about Malcolm X’s use of the term in his book, ‘Dreams From My Father’ and did it with a noticeable chuckle in his voice during the 1995 Cambridge Public Library Reading Series.

With the mainstream media showing their frillies while doing cartwheels, Democrats having convinced themselves that the election’s all over for Trump and with chaste Republicans like Paul Ryan and Senator Mike Lee in Divorce Donald mode, Letters from the Gulag blogspot came out with he real scoop, on the same day all of the above went out on the hunt for Trump’s hide.

LettersfromtheGulag.blogspot posted their scoop Friday, 7 October, the same day the Washington Post released the Trump pu$$y video.

“The Globalists Just Shot their wad. This is it, they have nothing left,” Letters from the Gulag posted on Friday with a 57-sec clip of Obama from the library reading series.

“Donald Trump engaged in some salacious locker room talk, the Vs “Hillary Clinton engaged in Christian genocide and the slaughter and displacement of millions of people. She armed and financed Jihadis. She ran cover for a serial rapist. She lied under oath before Congress and together with Obama has corrupted both the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

“But remember, Donald Trump engaged in some salacious locker room talk!”

The hypocrisy of the Pu$$y Posse riding herd against Donald Trump is jaw-dropping.

But then most always knew that as far as the progressive One Worlder’s are concerned some animals are more equal than others.

By Judi McLeod, CFP

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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