The Left Wing Anti-Trump Conspiracy Deepens

The Left Wing Anti-Trump Conspiracy Deepens

The Left Wing Anti-Trump Conspiracy Deepens

The FBI possesses and is reviewing a 2nd dossier on President Donald Trump, this 1 authored by a former political operative for the Clintons.

The 2nd dossier, written by Cody Shearer, was given to the FBI in October by former British spy Christopher Steele, the author of the 1st unverified Trump dossier

Mr. Steele, who was given the 2nd dossier by a contact of his, gave it to the FBI as a means of corroborating his dossier.

However, Mr. Steele did not vouch for the veracity of Cody Shearer’s work.

The “Shearer Memo” does have reporting that mirrors Steele’s document.

Cody Shearer is the son of former gossip columnist Lloyd Shearer and brother of Derek Shearer, the former Ambassador to Finland under Bill Clinton.

Derek Shearer reportedly lobbied for the Ambassador role, telling Hill and Billy Clinton he was owed a “political debt,” in part because of the work Cody Shearer did on behalf of Hillary Clinton while she was Barack Hussein Obama’s Secretary of State.

Stay tuned…

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