LED Source Makes for a Greener Starbucks

LED Source Makes for a Greener Starbucks

LED Source Makes for a Greener Starbucks

America’s leading LED manufacturer LED Source is making the World a greener place 1 light bulb at a time.

LED Source will be a Public Company in the near future, for information contact www.ledsource.com, there are also growing opportunities in the LED Franchise space.

Starbucks® has been a time-honored tradition since they opened their first coffeehouse in Seattle back in 1971. Since that time, the company has established more than 17,000 retail locations in over 50 countries and connects with millions of customers every day. Starbucks® has always been known to serve the best coffee with the highest standards of quality, but it is also known as a gathering place for meeting friends and family. Customers appreciate an inviting atmosphere while enjoying an exceptional cup of coffee. Most recently, Starbucks® developed a new “neighborhood concept design” program. This incorporates distinct design elements into their stores from the neighborhoods upon which they reside. Starbucks® newly renovated flagship store is located in the heart of the New York City Times Square Theatre District. Anticipated to be one of the coffee giant’s busiest stores, the distinctive design has been inspired by the images of old Broadway and is a testament to the rich history of the Times Square Theatre District.


Remnants of old Broadway can be seen in the way the store has been lit as if it were a stage set. Signature theatrical elements including Fresnel lighting fixtures, equipped with LED lamps and barndoors, were mounted on triangular trusses. Additionally, LED accent lighting was incorporated into the shelving and canopy.


The challenge was to incorporate the “neighborhood concept design” while reducing the store’s impact on the environment through conserving energy.
It was equally important to achieve certification by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® program, as well as Starbucks® own Energy Conservation program, whereby each store has set out to reduce their energy consumption by 25% by 2015.


To accomplish these goals, LED Source® lighting experts worked with renowned lighting designers Paul Gregory, Brett Andersen and Joshua Spitzig from lighting design firm Focus Lighting, and incorporated the latest generation in LED lighting from Toshiba®. The Times Square store utilizes 73 Toshiba® LED PAR30 lamps at 16.3 Watts and 55 Toshiba® LED MR16 lamps at 6.7 Watts. These lamps last on average 20 times longer than traditional bulbs and uses up to 80% less energy.


The Starbucks® Times Square Theatre District location stands out among the bright lights of Times Square. Through the usage of LED lighting, not only will they save on both energy and maintenance costs, but also the quality of light has not been foregone, thus adhering to Starbucks® high standards of delivering only the best to their clients. It is estimated that the Starbucks® Times Square Theatre District store could achieve the following annual savings when compared to traditional lighting:

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