Learn The Piano In a Fun Stress-Free Environment – Arcade Piano

Learn The Piano In a Fun Stress-Free Environment – Arcade Piano

ForteRight, a music, media, and technology start-up is launching the Arcade on Kickstarter. The Arcade is a piano keyboard trainer device that is designed to teach anyone how to play the piano in minutes. Paired with a companion mobile application, the device provides a video game-like experience that smooths the learning curve for beginners and makes the process fun.

Notes are represented on-screen by simple visual bars that cascade downward to the actual keys on a piano. The player simply has to play the notes when the indicators reach the bottom of the display, and their performance is tracked by a scoring system. Learning is effortless as players attempt to achieve high scores on the songs they are playing.

“Whether its children, college students or working adults, we’re constantly amazed at how fast complete beginners can pick up the piano using the Arcade,” said Roger, co-founder of ForteRight. “We believe everyone has an innate desire to play music. However, learning an instrument can be hard, so we aim to change that.”

A Video Game Approach

The Arcade was borne out of the realisation that anyone can spend hours enjoyably focused on a video game. These long hours tend to translate to actual skills being developed, albeit skills that are limited to the video game itself.

By making piano playing more like a video game, learning and mastering the piano can be made into a fun and engaging experience. Therefore, the ForteRight team adapted various features of video game design into their system, ensuring that the process remains engaging for hours on end.

Amongst these features are bright visuals, individual levels, scoring, and practice modes. The ForteRight team commented that they are working on adding a multiplayer element to the Arcade as well.

ForteRight App Integration

The Arcade integrates with a mobile application that allows players to connect wirelessly. And stream visual lessons as well as access music scores from the online library. It eliminates the common difficulties experienced by users. Especially when reading the scores or turning the pages of a music score, therefore giving them the freedom to concentrate on their performance.

Once the user chooses a song from the library, they can learn it via Practice Mode. This mode breaks the song down into sections as well as isolating the left-hand and right-hand components. It allows the learner to grasp the right keys as the song does not progress unless the correct notes are played.

After the song is learned in Practice Mode, the user may attempt to play it in real-time. The app tracks the user’s scores to benchmark their performance. Note accuracy, timing, and smoothness of play is measured so players have a clear view of where they can improve.


  • Supports any MIDI file
  • Slows songs down to allow easier learning
  • Library of built in music and warm up exercises
  • Practice mode to simplify song learning
  • App works with Apple and Android devices
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