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Learn Cryptocurrency Trading With Demo Account from FX Broker


Financial trading has now gone mainstream thanks to technological improvements. One of the notable advancements on the money market is the online trading concept which allows you to execute your trades over the internet.

Online trading gives you access to a large variance of trading instruments such as cryptocurrency units. Crypto units are a form of digital currency which also came by due to the evolution of the financial markets with technological backing.

One of the significant advantages of online trading is having a demo account for training purposes. Let us have a look at the demo account about online cryptocurrency trading.

Demo Account

A demo account is a free trading account type offered by most online trading brokers. It functions as a practice tool and helps you grasp the concept of financial trading.

The account utilizes simulated trading conditions, which are a reflection of the real financial environment. You also get access to virtual funds that you use to execute trades on the respective trading options, which in this case are the crypto units.

When it comes to learning cryptocurrency trading, you get the relevant lessons by enacting simulated trades. Constant trading makes it easier for you to get the concept and proceed to the standard account type. There are several crypto units available, and you need to choose one which is corresponding to your trading approach.

On the demo account, you are going to notice that you can go entirely on using crypto units. Here, the cryptocurrency is the base currency, and you can use it for deposits, withdrawals, and also in the execution of trades.

In other settings, the units trade in pairs solely against fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Using the Demo Account in Cryptocurrency Trading

The following are some of the benefits of using the demo account on your path to being proficient in crypto-trading.

– Grasp of the Trading Concept: One of the main benefits of the training account type is that it helps you gain the financial trading concept. You not only know how to trade with cryptocurrencies but with other trading options as well. You also garner essential aspects of trading such opening and closing a market position. Also, you know your way through notions such as the stop-loss order, hedging, and automated trading if present.

– Gives You Refresher Lessons In Trading: If you have taken long without trading, the demo account comes through to provide you with refresher lessons. It helps you get acquainted with new cryptocurrency units and also new features on the trading platform.

– Trading Test Drive: Another benefit of the training account is that you can use it as a testing tool to check on the viability of your trading strategy. Your trading strategy is the move you use in trading, focusing on instruments, opening, and closing time. You can check on how strong your strategy is by replicating it on the demo account.

– Lossless Account: The account type is also lossless meaning even for failing trades you do not incur any losses. You only lose the virtual funds which are added on request in case you lose all of it.

Opening a Demo Account

For most online trading brokers, there is the option of opening a demo account or a standard account. In this case, you select the demo account and proceed by providing your details and start practicing at once.

Others, especially the accounts that need you to have an initial deposit, you are automatically signed to a demo account. Once you make the initial deposit, then you can choose either the standard or demo account.

If you have interest in cryptocurrency trading, you select crypto units as your financial trading instruments then proceed.

Some demo accounts have a validity period while others have no time limit on their use. The ones with no time limit are the best option as you can use it as a refresher or strategy testing tool.


A cryptocurrency trading demo account is a useful abstraction in financial trading, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. The account gives you lessons on trading as well as familiarizing you on new available digital currencies and also new trading features.

Look for a platform with the demo account for a guarantee at a smooth trading stint.

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