Le Pen Will Save France

Le Pen Will Save France

Marine Le Pen is expected to become the frontrunner in the first round of the elections in late April, according to a recent poll by international Ifop research firm cited by RIA Novosti.

Marine Le Pen has blasted globalisation and Islamic fundamentalism in the closing speech of a two-day National Front (NF) party conference, calling them “two totalitarianisms” threatening France.
Key points:

Le Pen says France is at a crossroads, suggests children of the future may not speak French
The NF publishes Le Pen’s nationalist agenda, marking a separation from the EU
Le Pen has led polls, though analyst suggests she will not make it to the presidency

To applause and cries of “on est chez nous” (roughly translating to “we are in our land”), Ms Le Pen served up the grand themes of the party that have made her a leader in early polls of the spring presidential election.

Marine Le Pen has already released a manifesto that highlights abandoning the euro and a possible vote on exiting the EU among some of the key proposals.

Speaking at a thousands-strong campaign launch rally on Sunday, Marine Le Pen announced that she alone – if elected president in May – could protect the French people against Islamic fundamentalism. The promise was greeted with the crowds chanting, “This is our country,” Reuters reported.

Marine Le Pen, is running for the presidency this year, is “the only force” that can get France out of the EU and help protect it from radical Islam, politician Marion Marechal-Le Pen told RT.

“Currently, we are the only political force in France that promotes a sovereign project, based on [the idea] of Europe made up of national sovereign states,” the National Front (FN) member said.

Marion Marechal-Le Pen added that “there are no other candidates” supporting the same ideas as her aunt’s party, who can boast “a potential possibility to take part in at least the first round” of the French presidential elections.

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