Le Pen Looks Set to Lead France Follow Trump

Le Pen Looks Set to Lead France Follow Trump

Marine Le Pen has fumed about the effect of “Islamic fundamentalism” in her country.

MARINE Le Pen has blasted that Islamic law is trying to “replace” French law in strong-worded outburst ahead of France’s upcoming Presidential elections.

On social networking site Twitter, Ms Le Pen said: “Islamic fundamentalism is a totalitarian ideology which aims to replace our laws by religious laws.”

Ms Le Pen also claimed that mass immigration is fertile ground for Islamisation and the French community could not carry on lumbering the “huge” cost of migrants.

The leader also said on Twitter that the current French government is being too “lax” over the migrant crisis hitting the country, asking “Where is the Government?”

The National Front party Marine Le Pen is gaining more support, leading with 25 to 26 percent of the vote, according to the latest Ipsos Sopra Steria survey, carried out for Cevipof and Le Monde.

Francois Fillion comes in second, with 23 to 25 percent of the vote, and Emmanuel Macron – also gaining support – is third with 19 to 21 percent.

The fluctuation in the percentages depends on the eventual Socialist Party candidate, as yet unnamed. The party’s candidate could be former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, former Minister of Industrial Renewal Arnaud Montebourg, or former Minister of Education Benoit Hamon.

In mid-December, Fillon topped the list with 28 percent, while Le Pen had around 25 percent.

The poll shows a significant drop for center-right Fillon, and a significant consolidation for Le Pen as well as Macron, with the latter rising dramatically over the past few weeks.

Under the French electoral system, the two leading candidates will meet in a May 7 run-off.

Among Le Pen’s policies is support for ‘Frexit,’ or French exit from the EU. She has also stated that France should leave NATO, as the bloc exists “only to serve Washington’s objectives.”

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