Larry Kudlow Does Not See Major WH Economic Staff Changes

Larry Kudlow Does Not See Major WH Economic Staff Changes

Larry Kudlow Does Not See Major WH Economic Staff Changes

US President Donald Trump’s incoming National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow has asked the staff assembled by outgoing chief Gary Cohn to stay with him.

“It’s a terrific staff, and I’ve asked everyone to stay on,” Mr, Kudlow told  reporters Trusday. “I’ve met with all of them and they’re great.”

Mr. Cohn resigned in early March over a policy dispute with the White House, specifically after Trump announced he would impose a 25% tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum.

Mr. Kudlow, a conservative economist criticized Presidents Trump’s tariffs and said they would damage the economy to some extent.

“Across-the-board tariffs like this damage the users of the commodity,” Mr. Kudlow said before Cohn resigned.

“What are you going to do about cars? All manner of transportation, buses, trucks, SUVs? The energy business. Airplanes, they all use steel.”

But he “well understands our policy,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said after Mr. Kudlow was picked.

Mr. Kudlow said he was “honored to take the job” and the hiring process was a “terrific experience.”

He praised NEC deputy director for domestic policy Shahira Knight and Everett Eissenstat, who works on international issues.

He also said he does not foresee major staff changes, and additional hires were possible.

Stay tuned…

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