L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele: “Goditi la pizza è fantastico” — Paolo

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele: “Goditi la pizza è fantastico” — Paolo

Thursday evening, the iconic Italian Neapolitan pizzeria L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele debuted in Los Angeles in the Hollywood McCadden Place space which once held Café Des Artistes.

It already has its Star!

Antica Pizzeria Da Michele serves original recipe traditional Neapolitan thin crust pizza, using the same recipes and importing the same ingredients used at its origin Naples restaurant in Y 1870.

Head Neapolitan pizzaiolo Michele Rubini makes 5 classic pizzas including the Margherita, Marinara and my favorite Pizza Fritta Montanara

Antica is perhaps the best pizza in Los Angeles, we know it is the best in Italy.

Architect/Owner Francesco Zimone designed and built the restaurante in modern Ital Design with passion and great care.

Amalfi-born Antonio Giordano designed and produces the Mediterranean menu, as he had done in his restaurante, Mercato Banco e Cucina in Salerno.

Beer and Southern Italian wines from small vineyards are available now, Antica’s full liquor license will happen soon.

Antica will be open daily for lunch and dinner til Midnight, reservations recommended.

For more information click here per favore

“Goditi la pizza è fantastico” — Paolo

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