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KuCoin Lists Jarvis+ Tokens (JAR)


Jarvis+ is the leading decentralized intelligence solution provider. Its Jarvis+ token (JAR) will be listed on the digital asset exchange platform KuCoin at 10PM SGT on June 20, 2019. Some supported trading pairs include JAR/BTC, JAR/USDT.

Jarvis+ has two platforms, the Intelligent Community Platform (ICP) and the Decentralized Marketplace Platform (DMP). Both representing the two stages of Jarvis+ development. ICP as the first stage is a platform of tools and services for blockchain and community, and DMP as the second stage is a decentralized platform for community data and economy and evolved from the first stage.

After the final general availability of both ICP and DMP, ‘Jarvis+ Twins’ will be formed to bridge the real community economy and digital smart economy, to connect the real creators of data to the whole virtual ecosystem, and to monetize the value of data between consumers and providers.

Since the project started, Jarvis+ has been recognized by various ecosystem partners, including public blockchain providers, dApp developers, exchange providers, even service providers and local governments.

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