‘King Tides’ Flood Miami

‘King Tides’ Flood Miami

Fish are swimming in the streets of Miami

A phenom known as “king tides” a higher than normal tide caused by a Full or New Moon is getting worse in Miami maybe because of sea-level rise caused by human-induced climate change.

In an analysis, the Post reported Miami set daily high tide records for more than a week straight for the period between late July and early August, though there were no storms.

Sunny day coastal flooding is now routine when the sun and moon line up just right a report said.

“These king tides happen several times a year, and they can really cause problems for residents,” central Florida meteorologist for WFTV said, the Post reported. “This is salt water mixed with sewage.”

According to University of Miami researcher Brian, recent king tides have rivaled some hurricanes when it comes to peak water levels

One analysis shows there was a 5.9-inch sea-level rise in Miami since Y 1996.

And Climate Central, a nonprofit organization specializing in communicating climate science, paints a grim picture for Miami’s future, estimating $5.7-B in residential property value is at risk of being flooded by Y 2050 in just Miami Beach alone.

“Some areas in the Keys no longer offer permits to build,” according to the report.

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