‘Killing the Deep State’ Featured at Bookstores Everywhere

‘Killing the Deep State’ Featured at Bookstores Everywhere

‘Killing the Deep State’ Featured at Bookstores Everywhere


The Barnes & Noble flagship store at Union Square in New York City is featuring best-selling author Jerome Corsi’s new book “Killing the Deep State” on the front table of the store.

Author Corsi has written several NY-T’s best-sellers including “Unfit for Command” and “Obama Nation.”

“Killing the Deep State” became a #1 best-seller its 1st day of release, quickly climbing to the top of Amazon’s best-seller lists in several political categories as well, including local politics, political commentary and opinion, and conservatism & liberalism.

“Killing the Deep State” focuses on what the author says is “a criminal conspiracy to remove the president from office.” Mr. Corsi alleges that the press has largely ignored the book because it proves that the FBI has been trying to take down President Donald Trump since the beginning of his Presidency.


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