The Key Reason Live Trading News Covers a Wide Variety of Topics

The Key Reason Live Trading News Covers a Wide Variety of Topics

The Key Reason Live Trading News Covers a Wide Variety of Topics

Many readers have ask us why we cover political and health issues when our primary focus is on the financial markets.

The Key reason is that all these fields are connected, we do not have free market forces anymore.

Virtually everything is manipulated, from the food we eat to data we are provided.

When we are aware of this stuff, we can better plan accordingly.

Identifying the problem is about 80% of the solution, and this is why most people do not know what to do because they do not really understand the problem.

Now you know why Live Trading News is 1 of the very few financial website that covers such a wide array of topics that may appear to be unrelated but are, in fact, intricately interwoven.

Mass psychology is a very powerful tool, if employed correctly can help spot the abnormal levels of manipulation, the masses are subjected to daily in our new world of instant communication and connectivity.

This is set forth Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

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