These are the Key Leadership Qualities, Do You Have Them?

These are the Key Leadership Qualities, Do You Have Them?

These are the Key Leadership Qualities, Do You Have Them?

Vision, passion, and integrity are the well known leadership traits. But, there are several more Key qualities and some of them have been perceived as weaknesses.

These traits can be developed and nurtured to help further the abilities as a leader, at work, in community, and in life

Below is the list, check and see if you just might have some or all of these personal qualities that define leadership, as follows:

1. Empathy: Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. This is important in any workplace environment and helps one to manage conflict and relationships. However, it’s become even more important as businesses compete to better understand the needs of their customers. People do not want to be analyzed and marketed to-they want brands to understand what they want and need. Empathetic leaders function better within the company, but can also use this trait to power the business, too.

2. Optimism: Many think of optimism as the quality of one being hopeful, but it also indicates confidence in successful outcomes, optimistic leaders can inspire and motivate teams.

3. Forgiveness: No one enjoys the boss who lords every mistake they have ever made over their head. There is real power in allowing employees to take calculated risks, but they have to know it is not going to be held against them later. Doing so kills creativity and motivation-it causes people to think 2X before bringing a new idea to the table, or experimenting with a new process or product. Learn how to forgive mistakes to nurture creativity and inspiration and your team will pay you back 10X.

4. Altruism: Altruism means you care about the welfare of others. In business, this means you want the people around you to do better, feel better, and perform better. We are not an island. We do not need to take all of the credit. Understand that building up the people around you makes you all look better. This is a Key leadership quality, but not one you might traditionally associate with power or strength.

In the US Marines we taught the “boots” that the Warrior is completely focused, disciplined, and aggressive not out of selfishness, but on behalf of others.

5. Eloquence: The ability to speak and write persuasively has gained importance in this digital age of communications. People expect leaders to communicate and they want to be “Wowed.” An eloquent speech can close a deal. An eloquent memo to staff can quell fears, dampen dissent, or inspire people to reach new heights. Practice your writing and speaking to become a more effective, persuasive leader.

6. Discernment: Discernment is the ability to judge well, whether in relation to people, situations, or business decisions. If you are discerning, you take the time to understand a problem and walk your way around various solutions to find just the right one. You do not jump head first into every opportunity, but think critically and find the best option.

7. Modesty: No one likes to hear how awesome someone else is all the time, especially when it comes from that person. Let your work speak for itself. Confidence is a great trait, but must be tempered with modesty.

These qualities can be powerful tools for entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders who are willing to put the time and effort into developing them.

“If it is to your advantage, make a forward move; if not, stay where you are… A Kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life. “ -Sun Tzu

To all of our US readers, have a terrific 4th of July weekend.

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