The Key Elements on the Path to Success, Learn Them

The Key Elements on the Path to Success, Learn Them

The Key Elements on the Path to Success, Learn Them

“Reexamination of passionate pursuits can lead to detour on the path to happiness, full effort is full victory.” — Paul Ebeling

Daily we make hundreds of decisions, many subconsciously. But when it comes to our dreams and aspirations as entrepreneurs, people often put a great deal of thought into making the right ones.

And then we 2nd-guess themselves.

That leads to stress, worry, the rethinking the direction and questioning the direction of the path.

Self doubt can torpedo confidence and even impair ones ability to make the decisions that drive the effort forward as an entrepreneur.

So, cut out the destructive behaviors, now.

Below are some some indicators that you made the right decision and are on the path to success, as follows:

1. You are Confident You Asked the Right Question

Decision analysis is a discipline guided by the principle that the outcome of your decision doesn’t really matter — it’s how you make the decision that counts. So, 1st ensure the question they are trying to resolve is framed correctly.

Simply put, you cannot make the best decision if you are looking to answer the wrong question.

Framing decisions correctly enables one to express preferences, assess all available information and make the right choice.

2. Uncomfortable and Worried

Making big decisions is not easy and starting a new business is 1 of the riskiest things on can ever do. I have been thinking big and starting new businesses for virtually all of my business life. Some win some lose, but the effort is always “full bore”

If 100% confident in your decision, it is highly likely that you haven’t considered all of the risks involved. Because, in startups, there are always risks, mistakes and missteps for everyone to goes out on their own. Feeling uncomfortable and 2nd-guessing yourself often means vigilance and risk awareness.

It means doing something different and that can be unforgettable at times. But, that is the Red Zone where the big wins happen

3. You Understand Why You Are Doing It

If you can say with confidence that your decision was based on sound logic, due diligence and a super gut feeling, you are likely on the path to some degree of success.

People with a rational decision-making style are confident in their decision making and more likely to be seen as making quality decisions by their peers, intuition and instinct plays a part in that confidence, it evokes passion,

That age old adage “go with your gut” might serve you well as confirmation that your logic is good, but do not rely on instinct alone. However, do not ignore what is driving you as “nothing ventured is nothing gained.”

4. Be Satisfied with the Best Outcome

Consider your best case scenario coming true , and if you  are you happy with your decision?

Somewhat counter-intuitively, we often make decisions where even the best possible outcome isn’t the ideal solution. In a startup, for example, this might mean focusing on a big decision that, even if all goes well, won’t mean growth but will simply hold you steady.

When that happens, you know you were not framing the problem correctly or you did not consider all options.

5. The Big Q: Will you be okay with alternate outcomes?

This is world of startups and entrepreneurship. You will be happy if the best case scenario is the result of your decisions.

But what if a less ideal outcome will put you in a uncomfortable place?

It is possible you might be pushed or feel compelled to do if the deal even if it is not your way, so, consider alternatives.

It is OK to 2nd-guess and doubt thing, we are not infallible. But, do not let worry and fear undermine your entrepreneurial spirit, passion and efforts.

Reexamination of passionate pursuits can lead to detours on the path to happiness and success in life and business.

Remember, nose down, tail up, and head into the Wind.

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Paul Ebeling

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