Kasich is Out: Trump Last Man Standing

Kasich is Out: Trump Last Man Standing

Kasich is Out: Trump Last Man Standing

The Kasich campaign never really gained any traction and it is reported that today he has accepted the inevitable and withdrawn.

Much like Cruz, Kasich only served as a sideshow the the front runner Donald Trump.

For Trump the game has changed to a new phase in his campaign, planning to set up a vice presidential selection committee and stepping up efforts to seek unity with more Republicans. Trump made clear he would not be looking to placate everyone after a tumultuous primary campaign in which many establishment Republicans rejected him and spawned Stop Trump and Never Trump movements.

“I am confident that I can unite much of it, some of it I don’t want,” Trump said on NBC’s “Today” show. “Honestly, there are some people I really don’t want. People will be voting for me. They’re not voting for the party.”

The New York Times quoted Trump as saying he would soon form a team to help him in the search for a vice presidential nominee to be announced in July. He put retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson on the committee. Carson endorsed Trump after pulling out of Republican race earlier this year.

Trump is now the uncontested candidate for GOP and all that is left now is for the Democrats to decide between the Socialist Bernie Sanders and the Politically tainted Hillary Clinton.

The most likely result now is for a Trump/Clinton showdown in November.

Focus will shift in the coming week to the Running Mates, neither Clinton or Trump have made a choice and the speculation will reach fever pitch in the coming days.

Trump is unpredictable, trying to guess his running mate will prove impossible, but Chris Christie and Joni Ernst must be considered the favorites for now.

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