Karma Revero, 1st Look at Reborn Extended-range Electric Sedan

Karma Revero, 1st Look at Reborn Extended-range Electric Sedan

Karma Revero, 1st Look at Reborn Extended-range Electric Sedan

It was in early Y 2014 that China’s Wanxiang bought the what was left of the $1-B automotive failure Fisker Motors, including the rights to the failed automaker’s handsome, flawed extended-range electric sedan.

Since then Wanxiang has rebranded the remains of Fisker as just “Karma” and set up a new factory in Moreno Valley, California to start building an updated version of the Karma, to be called the Karma Revero.

Here is a 1st look at the Revero ahead of a formal debut on 8 September.  The revero means “truth” in Latin.

The designers did not alter the lines of the original Karma sedan.  The only changes appear to be a small design change in the front bumper and some new badging.

Karma says that while the look may be familiar, much of the technology has changed, including a completely redesigned infotainment system and new high-speed charging capabilities.

Karma says the car also sports new solar panels on the roof that “will power the vehicle.”

It will be interesting to see what Karma means by that because, as Green Car Reports, the Fisker Karma also sported solar panels on its roof but these could only add 1 or 2 miles of battery range if the car were exposed to maximum Sunshine for a week.

Unlike California’s other EV company, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA), Karma does not plan to be a high-volume automaker.

As Karma chief marketing officer Jim Taylor, a former General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) executive, explains, “serving a mass market is not, and never will be, our purpose.”

That does not mean Karma is not serious about ramping up production.

On Monday it was reported that Karma’s parent company Wanxiang had applied for production approval for a new plant in China that could build the Revero and the smaller Alantic sedan 1st shown by Fisker in Y 2012.

Stay tuned…


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