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Karen Torres Full Moon of Truth


from Karen Torres

On Thursday, May 27th is another Gratitude Ceremony at noon EDT. The group theme of this ceremony is “seeking the truth”.

This theme is in alignment with Wednesday’s “Full Moon of Truth” so we are all transforming those energies that interfere with our truth. I always say that “if it isn’t love, it isn’t your truth.”

The power animal for this ceremony is the spirit of Bear. Bear is a power animal of the West. Bears’ medicine is the gift of introspection- going within to find your truth. Sometimes to achieve our goals, there is a need to hibernate and visualize our goals from that quiet inner space.

Bear medicine affects sleep cycles- that need to hibernate- so Bear is also associated with healing our pineal gland… that gland of melatonin secretion and circadian rhythm cycles. Bear teaches us to heal the internal chatter, dive deeply into our truth and learn the lessons available as we access more of our knowingness.

Please contact Kat Gibson at 561-628-2846 to join us live or remotely at this week’s Gratitude Ceremony. Bring your drum, your intention, and an open heart and mind as we merge shamanism with alchemy at this week’s powerful ceremony.

Love and blessings from my grateful heart to yours!



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