Justice Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Process Damaged Senate Democrats

Justice Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Process Damaged Senate Democrats

Justice Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Process Damaged the Senate Democrats

Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), says the US Senate has been damaged by the partisan process confirming Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Senator Ernst made her comments on a podcast with CBS News’ Major Garrett Thursday.

She voted to confirm Justice Kavanaugh. but when she was asked if the process damaged the Senate, she said: “Yes.”

Senator Ernst said she believed Christine Blasey Ford did suffer “some sort of trauma in her lifetime.” However, Senator Ernst did not believe “Brett Kavanaugh perpetrated the intimate crime against her.”

The Senator accused Democrats of politicizing Ms. Ford’s allegations; “They threw her to the wolves,” she said.

“This is my statement to anyone that is a survivor of sexual abuse, is that if you are comfortable coming forward right away, you need to do it right away,” she said.

“You certainly d not want to wrongly convict someone who is innocent, but you also want to make sure that accuser is heard and has the opportunity to step forward.”

I believe that the bi-furcation between The Trump Administration and the GOP leaders in the Congress who treated Ms. Ford allegations seriously, and the bulk of the Democrats exploding in wrathful endorsement of conviction-by-denunciation, will tip the political scales for the Republicans in midterm elections.

No matter how intimidated many voters may be by angry and emasculation directed feminism, the vast majority of Americans are in favor of due process, especially when all the Law and Order, jail’em, flog’em, lynch’em group like this President a lot better than the Democrats.

The Republicans had the winning space in all of a sudden sudden crisis, they kept their resolve and spoke with 1 eloquent and dispassionate voice in the address of Senator Collins on 5 October. The Democrats struck hard and suddenly, and the Republican leaders responded sensibly and moderately and thus won an enormous victory for our country.

Keeping America Great!

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