July to Be the Hottest Month Ever Recorded on Earth

July to Be the Hottest Month Ever Recorded on Earth

FLASH: July will be the hottest month ever recorded on Earth, climate scientists said Wednesday

Although official data will not be available until early August, the record-breaking temperatures throughout Europe, the US and the Artic so far in July will be enough to break the previous worldwide record set in July 2017, the scientists said.

When the previous mark was set, average global temperatures were 2.16 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the 20th Century average for July of 57.8 degrees, with this month narrowly passing those averages.

Many climate scientists agree with the prediction.

A climate researcher at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, says that “It is looking like there’s a strong likelihood that we will end up with the warmest month ever.”

According to data from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), nine of the 10 warmest years since record taking began in Y 1880 have taken place this Century.

NOAA added that it appears Y 2019 will end up as 1 of the 3 warmest years ever recorded, which scientists have blamed mainly on human emissions of greenhouse gases.

A climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University said, “It is part of a worrisome pattern of streaks of broken records which, we have shown simply would not be occurring in the absence of climate change. This is just one additional confirmation, along with the spate of unprecedented extreme weather events we have seen in recent years, of the fact that the impacts of climate change are no longer subtle. They are staring us in the face.”

Stay cool…

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