JR10 Token is Officially Launched Today

JR10 Token is Officially Launched Today

James Rodriguez, the famous football star of the Colombian national football team and iconic social media influencer who plays for the FC Bayern Munich, started the public sale of his own cryptocurrency on a blockchain-powered mobile app developed by fintech company SelfSell. This signalizes the new era of the connections among the football stars, the fans and the whole sport industry chain.

JR10 Token is a personal digital asset that combines James and SelfSell with the blockchain. It made a miracle of half a million dollars by selling out in 12 seconds during the pre-sale, which proved the prospect of JR10 again.

James found it’s “a super cool trial” to launch a token branded with his own name and bring valuable gifts to all his fans. “Now I have come to a new field and brought everyone a brand new me”, he said.

Yuan Li, the SelfSell Founder & CEO, a football star’s value can be actualized mainly through performing as a brand ambassador, earning transfer income, or winning game prize. Using the blockchain technology, SelfSell built a platform that enables more possibilities to actualize personal value and extend one’s influence.

Moreover, Li also said that the great performance of JR10’s pre-sale suggested not only James’ popularity among fans, but also the revolutionary value brought up the SelfSell’s blockchain technology. It is claimed by Li that the JR10 is of great historical significance as the first personal digital asset launched by present superstar, for it presaged the rise of digital economy.

“We are now confronting a precious opportunity of reshaping the world value system by blockchain, the function of organization is decreasing while the value of human resource is increasing. SelfSell would like to be fully prepared for this new era of individual economy with more and more people,” Li said.

There are two billion JR10 Tokens from the SelfSell application, this time they will publically issue 500 million JR10 Token that are worth five million dollars, only the ETH and SSC (the token of the SelfSell) are accepted. The users who invest through the SSC will get a 10% bonus. In addition, 8% of the JR10 Token will be issued to James’ fans free of charge, which equals 160 million tokens, to create a rapidly growing JR10 fans community.

More information, please visit https://selfsell.com/, or contact [email protected]

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