John Bolton is “Brilliant and Very Tough”

John Bolton is “Brilliant and Very Tough”

John Bolton is “Brilliant and Very Tough”

NKorea has to know the we are ready to go to war to keep them from the Nuclear prize.

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, 69 anni, is “brilliant and very tough” Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Thursday, and “he will be a valuable part of the President’s national security team.”

“His views are consistent with the president’s,” Professor Dershowitz said in a TV interview. “He is Hawkish and smart.”

President Donald Trump said on Twitter that Mr. Bolton, who served as United Nations Ambassador under President George W. Bush, would replace H.R. McMaster on 9 April.

At the United Nations, Amb. Bolton “really shook the place up,” Professor Dershowitz said. “He speaks out of a sense of purpose.

“He will engender some disagreements because of his hawkish views,” the retired professor cautioned. “He will give the President options, and the President will make his decision.

“He’ll represent one extreme advice that the President will get,” Professor Dershowitz explained. “He’ll get other views from the rest of his staff.

“Then, it’s up to the President to make the decision.”

Amb. Bolton has long argued for regime change in NKorea to quash dictator Kim Jong Un’s nuclear ambitions and “that is a message to Iran.”

“It is a sound position legally,” he added. “I do not  know if it’s a sound policy decision, but he is legally on solid ground.”

Professor Dershowitz also beat back attacks from pundits that Amb. Bolton would plunge the United States into World War III.

“That’s a huge exaggeration,” he said. “I think it is all talk.”

But, Amb. Bolton “may, in fact ensure the deterrent position of the United States because of his willingness to go to war as a last resort,” Professor Dershowitz said.

“The best way to deter war is to make your opponent believe that you’re ready to go to war, and you have to be ready.”


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