Joe Biden Sees the Future, Calls for Unity in America

Joe Biden Sees the Future, Calls for Unity in America

Joe Biden Sees the Future, Calls for Unity in America

Sunday, former US VP Joe Biden (D), 74 anni, said it was time for the American citizens to “regain our sense of unity and purpose,” following the Y 2016 Presidential campaign that continues hammered his party since President Donald Trump took office on 20 January.

“It’s time for America to get up” Mr. Biden said at a commencement address at Colby College in Maine. “It’s time for us to start realizing who in God’s name we are.”

Mr. Biden served as VP under former President Barack Hussein Obama for 8 years

His address offered words of hope as he spoke about the tumultuous discourse that raged among Republicans and Democrats following the presidential election.

“The past election cycle churned up some of the ugliest realities in our country. Civilized discourse and real debate gave way to the coarsest rhetoric and stoking of our emotions,” he said. “I assure you it is temporary. I assume it it transitory. The People will not sustain this attitude.”

During a speech last week, Mr. Biden indicated he might keep the door open to a possible presidential run in Y 2020, though not likely he would be 78, too old.

An aside I met our VP in 2010 at a dinner for big LA donors, was the only Republican at the table, I like Joe Biden, we have a bond being both Jesuit educated, it bridges politics.

Have a terrific week

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