Jay Leno Narrates an Amazing Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Story

Jay Leno Narrates an Amazing Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Story

Calling any Ferrari affordable shows the wealth of a man, Jay Leno’s story is about  a 1984 Ferrari 308 GTB. 

Back in Y 1984 it was the car for those who wanted to be Tom Selleck, what Leno showcases in the video story below is greater than any “Magnum, P.I.” plot device.

Mr. Leno talks with Donnie Callaway, a man so affected by Ferraris that he dedicated his life to them.

Mr. Callaway’s father once raced Ferraris, his childhood was filled with super stories surrounding the iconic Italian supercar maker.

‘Growing up in Los Angeles, back then they were everywhere. A little more than now, I think. You just get addicted. You’re hooked. The smell, you touch them and they’re soft. They are amazing,’ Donnie told Jay Leno.

Infatuated at a early age, Donnie pursued a career as a Ferrari mechanic. He begged the local establishments, but they informed him that he was going about everything the wrong way.

Told to try the local dealership 1st as a form of initiation. He went to Hollywood Sportscars. There Donnie, 21 anni, begged for a job and was taken on a delivery driver. 

This was a delivery job with a difference.

There was no van and no boxes to carry; Donnie was personally delivering factory-fresh Ferraris to new owners.

Celebrities, actors, politicians, he got to hang out with Hollywood’s elite. It was only a matter of time before he wanted a Ferrari for himself.

Hollwood Sportscars took delivery of a new Ferrari 308 GTB in White. His boss, Chick Vandergriff was not willing to allow young Mr. Callaway to pay in installments, and he could not afford the Ferrari outright. The 308 GTB car was sold.

‘Fast forward and now Mr. Callaway is restoring Ferraris. It is his passion. He now has money and reach out to a man who dismantles Ferraris for parts, and I ask if there is anything available.

As it turned out the dismantler has a white 308 GTB ready to take apart, For Mr. Callaway a white 308 GTB was Ok with him. Then, when he set his eyes on the car he knew it was the Ferrari he longed for many years ago.

Thus, began the restoration of Donnie’s dream car…click on the Jay’s talk with Donnie for the whole story.

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